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Frack-Free.Rocks is a project of

Andy Gheorghiu Consulting
Campaigner & Consultant
for climate/environmental protection, energy policy and further development of democratic processes
Stechbahn 9
34497 Korbach
tel:          +49 5631 50 69 507
mobile:   +49 160 20 30 974
email: andy.gheorghiu (at)
skype: andy.gheorghiu2

Carin Schomann, M. A.
Free journalist & Scientific documentalist
Hamburg, Germany

Thanks to Antoine Simon (Friends of the Earth Europe), Tobias Schatte (Medien-Art) and Gerhardt Wagner (BI lebenswertes Korbach e.V.) who contributed to this website.

The realisation of this website was made possible thanks to the funding of the Grassroots Foundation.

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