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Frackopoly: The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment

Cover of "Frackopoly"This book by Food & Water Watch’s director Wenonah Hauter appeared on June 7, 2016, to expose the corruption that enabled the fracking industry’s rise to power – and the growing movement of people fighting back.

Over the past decade a new and controversial energy extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has rocketed to the forefront of U.S. energy production. With fracking, millions of gallons of water, dangerous chemicals, and sand are injected under high pressure deep into the earth, fracturing hard rock to release oil and gas.
Wenonah Hauter, one of the nation’s leading public interest advocates, argues that the rush to fracking is dangerous to the environment and treacherous to human health. “Frackopoly” describes how the fracking industry began; the technologies that make it possible; and the destruction and poisoning of clean water sources and the release of harmful radiation from deep inside shale deposits, creating what the author calls sacrifice zones across the American landscape.
The book also examines the powerful interests that have supported fracking, including leading environmental groups, and offers a thorough debunking of its supposed economic benefits. With a wealth of new data, “Frackopoly” is essential and riveting reading for anyone interested in protecting the environment and ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for all Americans.

Wenonah Hauter
Frackopoly: The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment
ISBN: 9781620970072
ISBN-10: 1620970074
Publisher: New Press
Publication Date: June 7th, 2016
Pages: 384
Language: English


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