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Natural gas

Natural Gas Europe
Specialized website dedicated to news, analysis and opinion on European gas matters.

Natural Gas Asia
Focused on providing updated news and resources on the development, expanding production, trade and utilization of natural gas in the Asia Pacific region. Expanding natural gas use in Asia will impact Asia`s security of energy supply and access, transport and distributional infrastructure, political and economic relationships and oil dependency and in particular bring Asian countries a clean and efficient source of energy.

Natural Gas Africa
Online engagement platform directed towards the entire stakeholder spectrum providing news and analysis on the exploration, development, and utilization of natural gas in Africa (including shale gas and LNG projects).

Shale Gas International
A global publication that “covers the business of shale gas and oil exploration from an international perspective, covering every aspect of the shale supply chain”.

The Natural Resources Defense Council‘s news on natural gas

News on natural gas by Inside Climate News

EurActiv is a leading online media dedicated to EU policies, providing free in-depth information to the Community of EU Actors. Here’s their news about natural gas.

BASTA!GAZ ALES is a comprehensive, international site of French speaking countries about natural gas and fracking. Features lots of news, basic information and many valuable further links.

Especially fracking…

The Guardian’s ever growing dossier on fracking

TexasSharon’s Bluedaze is the personal site of Sharon Wilson, a co-worker of the Earthworks’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project, sharing very detailed insights from the belly of the beast.

Mining Awareness provides critical info and awareness for the broad range of mining issues and has some stories on natural gas and fracking rarely read elsewhere.

is named after the “drill or drop” clause in a petroleum exploration and development licence. This requires an operator to drill a well within a certain length of time or give up the licence area.
DrillOrDrop.com asks whether the UK should drill – “go all out for shale” (and other sources of hydrocarbons). Or should the idea be dropped because it carries too great a risk to climate change, environmental damage, human rights and an industrialised countryside, as many campaigners believe.
DrillOrDrop.com chronicles the events of the onshore oil and gas industry across the UK. They follow the regulators, political decision-makers, legal developments and the opposition campaign. And DrillOrDrop looks behind the headlines to investigate what is driving the industry and the campaign against it.

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