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Global Resistance to Fracking

In this book a selection of 15 iconic struggles at very different levels, from Argentina to Romania, is presented. The book aims, first and foremost, to be a source of inspiration for anti-fracking activism, a means to make the strength and determination of our struggle more visible and, in addition, a gesture of solidarity with those places in this world where activists have it hardest. It is also an attempt to bring together the actions and visions of people and movements who don’t know each other, but who all refuse to accept the inertia of the dominant dialectic, which sells us the idea that our society needs to continue to extract hydrocarbons to avoid economic collapse. Society is awakening and growing aware of the fact that it is precisely continuing along this path that will lead to its collapse.

Samuel Martín-Sosa Rodríguez (coord.)
Global Resistance to Fracking
Communities rise up to fight climate crisis and democratic deficit

with contributions grom Anxela Iglesias, Jeanie le Roux, Ewa Suffin-Jacquemart, Andy Gheorghiu, Maxime Combes, Maria Olteanu, Kathryn Mcwhirter, Wenonah Hauter, Tom White, Mariann Lloyd-Smith, Joanne Cipolla-Denis, Ínigo Leza, Diana Daunheimer,Hamza Hamouchene, Neuquén Multi-Sectorial Platform Against Fracking, Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament
Libros en Acción (la editorial de Ecologistas en Acción), Madrid, May 7, 2015


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