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title photo FOE report ┬╗how fracking supports the plastic industry┬źThe plastics industry has reaped under-the-radar benefits from the environmentally destructive fracking boom. The fossil fuel industry has surged over the past decade by employing new techniques and technologies that combine horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) to extract oil and gas from shale and other underground rock formations. Fracking injects large quantities of water, sand and toxic chemicals under high pressure to release oil and gas that are tightly held in rock layers.

Food & Water Watch
How Fracking Supports the Plastic Industry
Washington DC, February 2017

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Sharon Kelly, Chemical Plant Boom Spurred by Fracking Will Bring Smog, Plastic Glut, and Risks to Workers’ Health, New Report Warns. Desmogblog, February 14, 2017

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