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Shale gas licenses vs. indigenous people (Brazil):

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Aquifero Guarani (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay):

“The Guarani aquifer is the largest groundwater resource in the world, with 45,000 km 3 of water and a surface area of 1.2 million km 2 (Organization of American States, 2004, p. 1; Valente, 2002, p. 1-2). The transboundary aquifer is shared by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. ”




Maps of the Aquifero Guarani:

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Amazonas Aquifer System:


“Amazônia has an underground water reservoir whose volume is projected to be more than 160 trillion cubic meters, according to estimates by Francisco de Assis Matos de Abreu, professor at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), presented during the 66th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) held through July 27, 2014, on the campus of the Federal University of Acre (UFAC) in Rio Branco.

The volume is 3.5 times larger than that found in the Guarani Aquifer, the underground fresh water reservoir beneath the surface of Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and mainly Brazil that stretches 1.2 million square kilometers (km2).”



Maps of the Amazonas Aquifer System:

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