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Marcellus Shale gas drilling flow back water is potentially cytotoxic, cancer causing

In this first report of its kind the authors show a potential cytotoxicity and transforming activity of Marcellus shale gas mining flow back to mammalian cells. That means the study confirmed widely held suspicions concerning the carcinogenicity of fracking pollution.

Key findings:

  • Barium and Strontium were elevated in flow back water exposed cells.
  • Flow back water malignantly transformed cells and formed tumor in athymic nude mice, i. e. the Marcellus fracking wastewater induced malignant changes in human bronchial epithelial cells consistent with the cancerous phenotype
  • In other words: Flow back transformed cells exhibited altered transcriptome with dysregulated cell migration pathway and adherent junction pathway.
  • Concluding: Fracking wastewater – “flow back” – is capable to cause neoplastic transformation in vitro,” i.e. fracking wastewater is capable of producing cancer in mammals

Yixin Yao, Tingting Chen, Steven S. Shen, Yingmei Niu, Thomas L. DesMarais, Reka Linn, Eric Saunders, Zhihua Fan, Paul Lioy, Thomas Kluz, Lung-Chi Chen, Zhuangchun Wu, Max Cost
Malignant human cell transformation of Marcellus Shale gas drilling flow back water
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Volume 288, Issue 1, 1 October 2015, Pages 121–130
Received 29 May 2015, Revised 13 July 2015, Accepted 16 July 2015, Available online 22 July 2015

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