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“Myths of US Shale Gas Supplies”

Dr. Robert Howarth from Cornell University, a leading expert on methane emissions as a driver of climate change, describes why a massive transition to natural gas by Duke Energy and other electric utilities is a disastrous strategy for the climate.

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David Hughes is a 32-year veteran of the Geological Survey of Canada and a leading expert on shale gas reserves and production.  He has exposed vast and persistent exaggeration of the medium- and long-term production potential of shale gas by the oil and gas industry and US regulators. See a 4-minute video message from Geologist David Hughes on the “Myths of US Shale Gas Supplies.”

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Bob Howarth, Shale Gas is a Bridge to Nowhere. Slides presented at the NC WARN Public Empowerment Forum, University of North Carolina Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC, on March 29, 2016

Hughes’ Asheville gas plant affidavit
Papers on the problems with natural gas as a “bridge fuel” by David Hughes


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