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On Shaky Ground: Fracking, Acidizing, and Increased Earthquake Risk in California

This study evaluates links between wastewater injection and the 2011 Mw 5.7 earthquake sequence in California.

Key findings:
In light of the known environmental and health risks from drilling, well stimulation and wastewater disposal, the link between wastewater injection wells and earthquakes in other states, the potential for a massive expansion of drilling and wastewater production in the Monterey Shale, and the gaps in scientific knowledge regarding induced seismicity, the best way to protect Californians is to halt hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, and other unconventional oil and gas recovery techniques 54% of California’s 1,553 active and new wastewater injection wells are within 10 miles of a recently active fault, 23% are within 5 miles, and 6% are within 1 mile

Jhon Arbelaez, Shaye Wolf and Andrew Grinberg


Source / Publisher:
Earthworks Center for Biological Diversity Clean Water Action

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