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Polish Natural Gas 2020 – Opportunities, Expectations, Reality

This industrial presentation mirrors the state of shale exploration in Poland by November, 2013.

Some key points:

  • 49 wells drilled (7 horizontally & just 16 frack jobs)
  • Average depth of wells: 3383 m
  • Takes 58 days to drill a well … so, OGP study that claims that 1 rig can drill 12 wells per year is exxaggerated (6 per year currently)
  • Industry would have to get twice as efficient at drilling.
  • Takes 8 months to get a permit … so shale protesters should not be blamed for delays!
  • Average cost of fracked horizontal well: 15 million Euros

Marcin Zięba
Polish Natural Gas 2020 – opportunities, expectations, realityStatus of Shale Project in Poland – Investors’ Perspective
OPPPW (The Polish Exploration & Production Industry Organisation), Nov 13


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