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Shale Gas, an International Guide [updated]

Baker & McKenzie Creates Innovative Guide to Global Shale Gas Development
Press release

Houston, USA, February 10, 2014 – As shale gas continues to revolutionize the US energy market and shale development spreads to additional countries, Baker & McKenzie has published an International Guide to Shale Gas as a resource for companies looking at global shale opportunities.

In addition to providing a regional examination of shale gas operations, the Guide offers a unique analysis of local law and key contractual issues in ten “Hot Countries” for shale gas projects: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, China, Poland, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ukraine and the United States.

“Shale gas has been a game changer in the US and clients are rapidly moving into new markets to capitalize on high-potential shale opportunities,” said Hugh Stewart, Head of the Firm’s Global Oil and Gas Practice. “We are excited to offer a single, comprehensive resource for companies seeking global insight in this area.”

Designed for oil and gas industry executives, environmental companies, and the financial services sector, the Guide is available online. It is likely the first single-source of information for the shale industry in many areas, including:

  • A review of the key contractual issues to consider when negotiating a shale gas permit;
  • A first-of-its-kind Aide-Mémoire table comparing conventional vs. unconventional hydrocarbon regimes for the Hot Countries;
  • Comparative maps depicting shale gas reserves and policy approaches in Africa/Middle East, Asia Pacific, CIS, Europe, Latin America and North America;
  • A structure chart reflecting the administration of oil and gas activities in each of the Hot Countries;
  • A table of the companies currently involved in shale gas operations in each of the Hot Countries.

The Firm plans to add new countries to the Guide in subsequent editions, tracking the global shale industry’s expansion…

The report:
Baker & McKenzie, Feb. 2014
Shale Gas, an International Guide
The full report must be personally requested via web form.

“Baker & McKenzie has released the second edition of its comprehensive Guide to Shale Gas, providing analysis of the U.S. shale revolution’s impact on the global energy industry and its key players. The Guide is also a resource for companies looking to invest in emerging shale markets.

In addition to a full analysis of the global shale market, the second edition expands coverage of shale gas operations to include details on 26 jurisdictions around the world. It also offers a new chapter on the economic impact on LNG.”
Baker & McKenzie, 15 December 2014, Baker & McKenzie Launches Second Edition of Global Shale Guide


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