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Shale gas: an updated assessment of environmental and climate change impacts

Shale gas: an updated assessment of environmental and climate change impacts

John Broderick, Kevin Anderson, Ruth Wood, Paul Gilbert, Maria Sharmina, Anthony Footitt, Steven Glynn, and Fiona Nicholls


Source / Publisher:
Tyndall Manchester – University of Manchester

Report summary:

Irrespective of whether UK shale gas substitutes for coal, renewables or imported gas, the industry’s latest reserve estimates for just one licence area could account for up to 15% of the UK’s emissions budget through to 2050. Therefore, emissions from a fully developed UK shale gas industry would likely be very substantial in their own right. If the UK Government is to respect its obligations under both the Copenhagen Accord and Low Carbon Transition Plan, shale gas offers no meaningful potential as even a transition fuel. Moreover, any significant and early development of the industry is likely to prove either economically unwise or risk jeopardising the UK’s international reputation on climate change. Against such a quantifiable and stark evaluation, it is difficult to conclude other than the UK needs to invest in very low carbon energy supply if it is to both abide by its international obligations and support economically sustainable technologies.

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