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Developing monitoring plans to detect spills related to natural gas production

A water monitoring station at a small creek in a foggy valley

This study sheds a light on the difficulty to detect toxic substances stemming from drilling and exploiting oil and natural gas wells. The authors suggest to place sensors, when practical, at the mouths of small watersheds where drilling activities or spill risks are present, as contaminant travel distance strongly affects concentrations in surface water systems. …

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Air monitoring of VOCs during hydraulic fracturing operations in Washington County, Pennsylvania

According to the authors, the primary finding of this study was that the operation of a hydraulic fracturing well pad in Washington County did not substantially affect local air concentrations of total and individual volatile organic compounds. Key findings: The results of the continuous monitoring during fracturing and flaring sampling periods for total volatile organic …

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Air concentrations of volatile compounds near oil and gas production: a community-based exploratory study

Air concentrations of potentially dangerous compounds and chemical mixtures, e. g. benzene, formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide, are frequently present near oil and gas production sites in dangerous concentrations. Community-based research can provide an important supplement to state air quality monitoring programs. Bibliography: Gregg P Macey, Ruth Breech, Mark Chernaik, Caroline Cox, Denny Larson, Deb Thomas …

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