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Inspiring Collaboration: The Legacy of Theo Colborn’s Transdisciplinary Research on Fracking

This article describes Dr Theo Colborn’s legacy of inspiring complementary and synergistic environmental health research and advocacy. Colborn, a founder of endocrine disruption research, also stimulated study of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). In 2014, the United States led the world in oil and gas production, with fifteen million Americans living within one mile of an oil …

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The association between oil and natural gas extraction processes and human reproduction

This review of the current literature makes clear: The impact of unconventional oil and gas activities may be greater than that of conventional activity, given that unconventional activities employ many of the same approaches and use dozens of known endocrine-disrupting chemicals in hydraulic fracturing. Abstract: This systematic review identified 45 original published research articles related …

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HEALTH CONSULTATION – Dimock Groundwater Site

Based on groundwater samples taken in Dimock, PA, during a completion (i. e. fracking) moratorium in 2012, which contained a plethora of health affecting chemicals, the ATSDR comes to the conclusion that consumption of that water might or does pose a significant risk for human health and that in some instances, due to its methane …

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Endocrine disrupting activities of surface water associated with an oil and gas industry wastewater disposal site

Because of key data gaps that exist in understanding the potential impact of underground injection of hydraulic fracturing wastewater on surface water quality and environmental health the goal of this study was to assess endocrine disrupting activity in surface water at a West Virginia injection well disposal site. Compared to reference water extracts upstream and …

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Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals and Oil and Natural Gas Operations: Potential Environmental Contamination and Recommendations to Assess Complex Environmental Mixtures

The authors describe a need for an endocrine-centric component for overall health assessments and provide information supporting the idea that using such a component will help explain reported adverse health trends as well as help develop recommendations for environmental impact assessments and monitoring programs. Bibliography: Kassotis CD, Tillitt DE, Lin CH, McElroy JA, Nagel SC. …

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Quantitative Survey and Structural Classification of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Reported in Unconventional Gas Production

Of over 1000 reported hydraulic fracturing (HF) additives in unconventional gas exploitation, the physicochemical properties relevant for environmental fate, toxicity and chemical analysis were classified. Key findings: While many substances were nontoxic, frequent disclosures also included notorious groundwater contaminants like petroleum hydrocarbons (solvents), precursors of endocrine disruptors like nonylphenols (nonemulsifiers), toxic propargyl alcohol (corrosion inhibitor), …

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The overlooked connection between fossil gases and human health

Producing and burning fossil fuels does not only heat up the climate but also brings a lot of substances – endocrine disruptors – into the human environment that are responsible for many illnesses and health problems and that “dehumanize the human race by stealing the ability to love, socialize, enjoy each other, and sit down …

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