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Methane leaks from natural gas systems follow extreme distributions

Natural gas production site equipment with methane leak shot with a FLIR camera.

Even relatively small leaks from the natural gas system can create large climate concerns because natural gas is comprised mostly of methane (CH 4 ), a gas with high global warming potential (GWP, ~34 times that of CO 2 over 100 years, ~86 times on a 20-year basis). Using a very big sample, this study …

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Upward revision of global fossil fuel methane emissions based on isotope database

Graph showing the revised and much higher than previously assumed amounts of methane emissions to the atmosphere.

By revising the isotope source signatures this study finds that total fossil fuel methane emissions (fossil fuel industry plus natural geological seepage) are 60 to 110 per cent greater than current estimates suggest. Abstract Methane has the second-largest global radiative forcing impact of anthropogenic greenhouse gases after carbon dioxide, but our understanding of the global …

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The compatibility of UK onshore petroleum with meeting the UK’s carbon budgets

The Committee’s report ‘The compatibility of UK onshore petroleum with meeting the UK’s carbon budgets’ is the result of a new duty under the Infrastructure Act 2015. This duty requires the CCC to advise the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change about the implications of exploitation of onshore petroleum, including shale gas, for …

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Shale Gas Production in England – an updated public health assessment

Medact released in July 2016 an updated assessment of the potential health impacts of shale fracking in England.  This new report reaches broadly the same conclusions as our 2015 report Health and Fracking, however it is now supported by a much larger body of evidence published in the year since the first report was produced.  In the …

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Aerial surveys of elevated hydrocarbon emissions from oil and gas production sites

For this study the researchers performed helicopter-based infrared camera surveys of more than 8,000 O&G well pads in seven U.S. basins to assess the prevalence and distribution of high-emitting hydrocarbon sources. Key findings: The proportion of sites with such high-emitting sources was 4% nationally but ranged from 1% in the Powder River (Wyoming) to 14% …

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“Myths of US Shale Gas Supplies”

Dr. Robert Howarth from Cornell University, a leading expert on methane emissions as a driver of climate change, describes why a massive transition to natural gas by Duke Energy and other electric utilities is a disastrous strategy for the climate. Uploaded to youtube.com on Apr 4, 2016 David Hughes is a 32-year veteran of the Geological …

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Contribution of oil and gas production to renewed increase in atmospheric methane

This new study corroborates the evidence that the current oil and gas production boom is driving the increased presence of the powerful green house gas methane in the atmosphere. Besides increased methane emissions from tropical wetlands, the previously grossly underestimated rate of leaking methane from fossil fuel production, namely by hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), is aggravating …

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