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When the wind blows: tracking toxic chemicals in gas fields and impacted communities

When the Wind Blows: Tracking Toxic Chemicals in Gas Fields and Impacted Communities is a report documenting Coming Clean’s collaborative, community-based research project to monitor toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in gas fields in rural Pavillion, Wyoming and to see what same VOCs are present in the bodies of people who work and live there. …

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Warning Signs: Toxic Air Pollution Identified at Oil and Gas Sites

The recent U.S. oil and gas boom has transformed hundreds of communities across the country—from rural areas and small towns to suburbs and cities—into industrial production zones.  Oil and gas companies are using unconventional techniques such as hydraulic fracturing—known known as “fracking”—to extract deposits wherever they can be reached, even if those places are in the backyards of homes, near schools or places of worship, …

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Shale Gas Production in England – an updated public health assessment

Medact released in July 2016 an updated assessment of the potential health impacts of shale fracking in England.  This new report reaches broadly the same conclusions as our 2015 report Health and Fracking, however it is now supported by a much larger body of evidence published in the year since the first report was produced.  In the …

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Assessment of the Acute and Chronic Health Hazards of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

E. V. Wattenberg et al., J Occup Environ Hyg. 12/9 (2015) Key findings: The constituents of hydraulic fracturing fluids (HFFs) present occupational health risks because workers may be directly exposed to them, and general public health risks because of potential air and water contamination. This article presents a practical and adaptable tool for the hazard …

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