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Estimating the Potential Toxicity of Chemicals Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identified 1,173 chemicals associated with hydraulic fracturing fluids, flowback, or produced water, of which 1,026 (87%) lack chronic oral toxicity values for human health assessments. This work aims to facilitate the ranking and prioritization of chemicals that lack toxicity values using several different methodologies. Bibliography: Yost EE, Stanek …

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Chronic Oral Toxicity Values for Chemicals Present in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids, Flowback and Produced Waters

Concerns have been raised about potential public health effects that may arise if hydraulic fracturing-related chemicals were to impact drinking water resources. This study presents an overview of the chronic oral toxicity values—specifically, chronic oral reference values (RfVs) for noncancer effects, and oral slope factors (OSFs) for cancer—that are available for a list of 1,173 …

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Quantitative Survey and Structural Classification of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Reported in Unconventional Gas Production

Of over 1000 reported hydraulic fracturing (HF) additives in unconventional gas exploitation, the physicochemical properties relevant for environmental fate, toxicity and chemical analysis were classified. Key findings: While many substances were nontoxic, frequent disclosures also included notorious groundwater contaminants like petroleum hydrocarbons (solvents), precursors of endocrine disruptors like nonylphenols (nonemulsifiers), toxic propargyl alcohol (corrosion inhibitor), …

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