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Sediment contaminant surveillance in Milford Haven Waterway

This comprehensive investigation in the Milford Haven Waterway (MHW), Wales, UK, shows impressively, how the commissioning of two LNG plants, among other factors (e.g. dredging of historically contaminated sediments), had a profound negative impact on benthic and avian health. “The (…) weight of evidence from independent chemistry and biological monitoring in MHW has shown reasonable …

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Science-based decision-making on complex issues: Marcellus shale gas hydrofracking and New York City water supply

The clear outcome of this study is: Current analyses of hydrofracking for gas production are too narrowly focused on the local scientific and technical aspects, but political decision-making about fracking is based largely on other aspects besides science. That’s why the precautionary principle should be applied in such situations. In the case of New York, …

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