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Does increased traffic flow around unconventional resource development activities represent the major respiratory hazard to neighboring communities?: knowns and unknowns

Abstract PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The objective of this review is to demonstrate that the focus on air emissions causing respiratory effects and associated with gas development may be misplaced by attributing those exposures mainly to well pad activities. RECENT FINDINGS: The most recent publications on the health effects of hydraulic fracturing operations seem to parallel …

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Potential hazards of air pollutant emissions from UOG operations on the respiratory health of children and infants

Children are known to be at a greater risk from exposure to air pollutants, which can impair lung function and neurodevelopment, or exacerbate existing conditions, such as asthma, because the respiratory system is particularly vulnerable during development in utero, the postnatal period, and early childhood. Existing epidemiology studies document the impact of air pollutant exposure …

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Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas: impact on health and environment

This brief review of the scientific literature on health and environmental impacts of fracking provides up-to-date knowledge about short- and longterm negative consequences of this technique. Abstract: Shale deposits exist in many parts of the world and contain relatively large amounts of natural gas and oil. Recent technological developments in the process of horizontal hydraulic …

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Proximity to Natural Gas Wells and Reported Health Status

Proximity to Natural Gas Wells and Reported Health Status: Results of a Household Survey in Washington County, Pennsylvania Author(s): Peter M. Rabinowitz, Ilya B. Slizovskiy, Vanessa Lamers, Sally J. Trufan, Theodore R. Holford, James D. Dziura, Peter N. Peduzzi, Michael J. Kane, John S. Reif, Theresa R. Weiss, and Meredith H. Stowe Date: 01-2015 Source …

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