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Unconventional oil and gas development and risk of childhood leukemia: Assessing the evidence.

A young girl with leukemia, wearing a hoody over her bald skull and breath protector.

The findings of this literature review support the need for investigation into the relationship between UO&G development and risk of cancer in general and childhood leukemia in particular. Abstract The widespread distribution of unconventional oil and gas (UO&G) wells and other facilities in the United States potentially exposes millions of people to air and water …

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A risk assessment tool applied to the study of shale gas resources

mash up of a pic of the Zuma spill and a fracking risk formula

In this paper a new, versatile method for assessing the overall risk of hydraulic fracturing in shale is presented. The method is supposed to predict the probability of adverse events of the technique in a specific location and has been tested in a shale field in Asturias (Spain). Its authors propose the application of this …

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Temporal variation in groundwater quality in the Permian Basin of Texas, a region of increasing unconventional oil and gas development

In this study the researchers found that some constituents of frack fluids remained stable over time, but others experienced significant variation over the period of study. Notable findings include significant changes in total organic carbon and pH along with ephemeral detections of ethanol, bromide, and dichloromethane after the initial sampling phase. These data provide insight …

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Fugitive emissions from the Bakken shale illustrate role of shale production in global ethane shift

Ethane is one of the most abundant, powerful greenhouse gases. This study found out that The Bakken shale in North Dakota accounted for 1-3% total global ethane emissions in 2014 These findings highlight the importance of shale production in global atmospheric ethane shift These emissions impact air quality and influence interpretations of recent global methane …

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“Myths of US Shale Gas Supplies”

Dr. Robert Howarth from Cornell University, a leading expert on methane emissions as a driver of climate change, describes why a massive transition to natural gas by Duke Energy and other electric utilities is a disastrous strategy for the climate. Uploaded to youtube.com on Apr 4, 2016 David Hughes is a 32-year veteran of the Geological …

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Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas: impact on health and environment

This brief review of the scientific literature on health and environmental impacts of fracking provides up-to-date knowledge about short- and longterm negative consequences of this technique. Abstract: Shale deposits exist in many parts of the world and contain relatively large amounts of natural gas and oil. Recent technological developments in the process of horizontal hydraulic …

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[Shale oil and gas in Germany – Potentials and environmental aspects (2016)]

A re-assessment of shale reserves and ressources in Germany by the German geological authority BGR (Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe; State authority of geology and raw materials). [Report in German] Bibliography: Stefan Ladage, Harald Andruleit, Hans-Georg Babies, Andreas Bahr, Steffen Biermann, Martin Blumenberg, Christian Bönnemann, Beate Burkhart, Lars Ceranna, Reiner Dohrmann, Jochen Erbacher, Dieter Franke, …

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