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Dangerous and Close: Fracking Puts the Nation’s Most Vulnerable People at Risk

More than 650,000 kindergarten through twelfth grade children in nine states attend school within one mile of a fracked oil or gas well, putting them at increased risk of health impacts from dangerous chemicals and air pollution. The finding comes from a new study (see PDF) by Environment America Research & Policy Center that exposes …

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Spatial Risk Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing near Abandoned and Converted Oil and Gas Wells

This analysis shows that abandoned oil and gas wells – some of them converted into water wells – can be intersected by multiple stimulated reservoirs, and risks for intersection would increase if currently permitted horizontal wells in the Eagle Ford Shale are actually completed. Abstract Interaction between hydraulically generated fractures and existing wells (frac hits) …

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A Historical Review of Induced Earthquakes in Texas

This historical overview over earthquakes in different areas of Texas shows empirically that seismic activity has grown in line with the oil and gas production, e. g. with secondary techniques, and accompanying underground waste water disposal. ABSTRACT In Texas, earthquakes have occurred in close association with activities accompanying petroleum production since 1925. Here we develop …

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Illness Symptoms Experienced by Children Exposed to Benzene After a Flaring Incident

Flaring is a common practise in up- and downstream oil and gas operations worldwide. This investigation evaluated the illness symptoms experienced by children who were exposed to benzene following a flaring incident at the BP refinery in Texas City, Texas. Key findings: A total of 641 children, aged <17 years, exposed to benzene were included …

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Temporal variation in groundwater quality in the Permian Basin of Texas, a region of increasing unconventional oil and gas development

In this study the researchers found that some constituents of frack fluids remained stable over time, but others experienced significant variation over the period of study. Notable findings include significant changes in total organic carbon and pH along with ephemeral detections of ethanol, bromide, and dichloromethane after the initial sampling phase. These data provide insight …

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Wastewater Disposal Wells, Fracking, and Environmental Injustice in Southern Texas

This investigation looked at race and poverty in areas where oil and gas wastewater disposal wells are permitted. Key findings The proportion of people of color living less than 5 kilometers from a disposal well was 1.3 times higher than was the proportion of non-Hispanic Whites. Adjusting for rurality, disposal wells were 2.04 times (95% …

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Adequacy of Current State Setbacks for Directional HVHF

Adequacy of Current State Setbacks for Directional High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus, Barnett, and Niobrara Shale Plays Authors: Marsha Haley, Michael McCawley, Anne C. Epstein, Bob Arrington, and Elizabeth Ferrell Bjerke Abstract Background: There is an increasing awareness of the multiple potential pathways leading to human health risks from hydraulic fracturing. Setback distances are …

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