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Potential water resource impacts of hydraulic fracturing from unconventional oil production in the Bakken shale

This study presents a critical review of potential water resource impacts due to deterministic (freshwater withdrawals and produced water management) and probabilistic events (spills due to leaking pipelines and truck accidents) related to UOP from the Bakken shale in ND. Key points: Summary of Bakken shale members and Williston basin. Water footprint and water contamination …

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Developing monitoring plans to detect spills related to natural gas production

A water monitoring station at a small creek in a foggy valley

This study sheds a light on the difficulty to detect toxic substances stemming from drilling and exploiting oil and natural gas wells. The authors suggest to place sensors, when practical, at the mouths of small watersheds where drilling activities or spill risks are present, as contaminant travel distance strongly affects concentrations in surface water systems. …

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Unconventional oil and gas development and risk of childhood leukemia: Assessing the evidence.

A young girl with leukemia, wearing a hoody over her bald skull and breath protector.

The findings of this literature review support the need for investigation into the relationship between UO&G development and risk of cancer in general and childhood leukemia in particular. Abstract The widespread distribution of unconventional oil and gas (UO&G) wells and other facilities in the United States potentially exposes millions of people to air and water …

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Shale Gas Production in England – an updated public health assessment

Medact released in July 2016 an updated assessment of the potential health impacts of shale fracking in England.  This new report reaches broadly the same conclusions as our 2015 report Health and Fracking, however it is now supported by a much larger body of evidence published in the year since the first report was produced.  In the …

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Fuelling the Fire: Underground Coal Gasification and Coal Chemicals

This figure shows the basic outline of the underground coal gasification process

Fuelling the Fire: the chequered history of Underground Coal Gasification and Coal Chemicals around the world was launched today by Friends of the Earth Scotland and Friends of the Earth International. It is a global report with case studies from Australia, South Africa, the US, China and the UK and details the history and environmental …

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Influence of Hydraulic Fracturing on Overlying Aquifers in the Presence of Leaky Abandoned Wells

Abandoned oil and gas wells in the vicinity of frac operations or fracked wells might be leaky or become so due to intersecting cracks or high pressure of fracked wells nearby, this study shows. The potential impact of leaks on overlying groundwater tables is explored by numerical models, based on historical records and available industry …

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Impact to Underground Sources of Drinking Water and Domestic Wells from Production Well Stimulation …

This comprehensive analysis of all publicly available data and reports reveals evidence of widespread contamination of drinking water aquifers around Pavillion, Wyoming, as a result of acid stimulation and hydraulic fracturing. Key findings: Although injection of stimulation fluids into USDWs (Underground Sources of Drinking Water) in the Pavillion Field was documented by EPA, potential impact …

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