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Dangerous and Close: Fracking Puts the Nation’s Most Vulnerable People at Risk

More than 650,000 kindergarten through twelfth grade children in nine states attend school within one mile of a fracked oil or gas well, putting them at increased risk of health impacts from dangerous chemicals and air pollution. The finding comes from a new study (see PDF) by Environment America Research & Policy Center that exposes …

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Wastewater Disposal from Unconventional Oil and Gas Development Degrades Stream Quality…

This study is, up to now, the second investigation which turned up direct negative impacts of underground disposal of wastewaters from unconventional oil and gas (UOG) production on surface waters in West Virginia. Although the hydrologic pathways could not be assessed, the study’s findings show that activities at the disposal facility are impacting a nearby …

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Endocrine disrupting activities of surface water associated with an oil and gas industry wastewater disposal site

Because of key data gaps that exist in understanding the potential impact of underground injection of hydraulic fracturing wastewater on surface water quality and environmental health the goal of this study was to assess endocrine disrupting activity in surface water at a West Virginia injection well disposal site. Compared to reference water extracts upstream and …

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Spatial distribution of unconventional gas wells and human populations in the Marcellus Shale in the United States: Vulnerability analysis

In this analysis, based on the environmental justice paradigm and GIS, this study found that the poor people in Pennsylvania are unequally exposed to pollution from unconventional gas wells. Abstract: Modern forms of drilling and extraction have recently led to a boom in oil and gas production in the U.S. and stimulated a controversy around …

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